Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Green Foods Market (MKT)

Thanks for locating us at Green Foods Market, we are a friendly family owned plant-based grocery store located in Malabar, Florida.  The Green Foods Market  family would love to present the same warmth and love in living healthy, happy and free as if you were our own family and guess what? you are. We believe in the ancient phrase, " Let thy food be thy medicine." and believe in the concept of lifelong learning, so share the knowledge as we do.

Green Foods Market is excited to embark on a new journey in technology and after almost 11 years of operation to continue focusing more on continuing to build and enjoy lasting relationships with, organic farmers, chefs, vegetarians' and vegans' and pretty much anyone with a pulse that can enjoy being healthy.

P.S. We enjoy feedback  and embrace comments and thats what technology is for right?

As we at Green Foods Market connect with all around feel free to check us out on the web in all of our mediums whether to shop, share and experience we welcome you all.

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